Apples, asparagus, barley, celery, cherries, cucumber, dates, dark leafy greens, dried figs, ginger, grains and grain products (eg, bread, cold cereal, and oatmeal), green beans, leeks, lettuce, raisins, strawberries and sunflower seeds.


Whole grains provide approximately one-third of total silicon intake in a typical diet.

The herb Horsetail is a natural source of silica, B vitamins, potassium, malic acid and antioxidants which supports hair growth, and bone and nail development.


Helps muscle tone, hair and nail texture.  The most important mineral for all connective tissues.

Silicon is known as the 'beauty mineral' due to it's effects on the skin and hair and nails.


Weak, soft bones, finger nails and muscles. Sensitivity to cold.

There is no recommended dietary allowance for silicon.

* Recommended Daily Allowance


The 21-Day Sugar Detox
 Lebanese cucumbers are a great source of silicon


Silicon in grains and grain products (rice, breakfast cereals, breads, and pasta) was readily absorbed.

However, except for green beans and raisins, the silicon in vegetables and fruit was less readily absorbed. 


Use of silicon for skin and hair care: an approach of chemical forms available and efficacy

The analysis of the scientific literature on the use of supplements containing silicon shows great therapeutic potential of this element, as it operates in different conditions of human health and presents aesthetic properties. Among the various chemical forms available, the analysis of studies shows that OSA is the form that presents greater bioavailability. 

Regarding the skin, it is suggested that silicon is important for optimal synthesis of collagen and for activating the hydroxylation enzymes, important in the formation of collagen network, improving skin strength and elasticity. Silicon is also associated with the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans. 

Concerning the hair, it is suggested that strands with higher silicon content tend to have lower falling rate and higher brightness. 

Nails are also affected by the presence of silicon, since this element is one of the predominant mineral in their composition. The presence of soft and brittle nails can indicate systemic deficiency of silicon. 


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